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Instrument Flying Adventure to a Seaside Airport
Half Moon Bay, like many attractive destinations on the coastline is subject to changeable weather.  While it is home to romantic seaside cafes with decadent sweet treats and bustling restaurants with fresh seafood and steaks, it can be treacherous to those flying in.


Half Moon Bay Airport is often covered by marine layers. With the arrival of winter, combined with smoke, haze, clouds, and early sunset, the low visibility can make it difficult to fly VFR. The safest way to fly there is via IFR.


Whether you are new to IFR or a seasoned IFR-rated pilot, join us in a discussion of the many key factors that you might need to consider to mitigate the risks when on an IFR flight. Topics include:


- Why getting an IFR rating makes you a safer and more competent pilot

- How to thoughtfully plan an IFR flight ahead of time

- How to pre-brief and debrief the flight plan with your copilots and passengers

- How to communicate with your copilots and work together as a team

- How human factors and visual illusions can influence your flight

- How to communicate with ATC during an IFR departure, en-route, and arrival

- How to open and close IFR flight plans at towered and non-towered airports

- How to brief an approach plate on the ground and in-flight

- How to transition from VFR into actual IMC and navigate the complex airspaces

- How to prepare for emergencies: partial panel and lost communications

Instrument flying is an exhilarating experience that can take you to the most beautiful locations, but it is a demanding skill that requires thorough training and an in-depth understanding of your aircraft systems, ATC communication, and the Instrument procedures. But once you have experienced IFR, youll wonder how you ever flew without it!

AeroDynamic Aviation
2650 Robert Fowler Way
San Jose, CA  95148
KRHV - Reid-Hillview Of Santa Clara County
Thao Do
(408) 320-9614

Aspen Avionics

Aspen Avionics Pro MAX Learning Center

Albuquerque, NM 888-992-7736


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