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Waco/McGregor EAA - VMC/IMC Club/ Educational Safety Meeting and Fly-In Pancake Breakfast
A fly-In Pancake Breakfast and educational event is planned for Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 at McGregor Executive Airport (KPWG).    The FAASTeam - WINGS Program will begin at 10:00 AM following breakfast served beginning at 8:30 AM.  

Prior to attending a safety seminar please review and abide by current CDC, State and Local health guidelines.  The meeting will be held in an open-air hanger with adequate "social"  distancing. 

Everyone is invited to register and attend; EAA or chapter membership is not required.  Some will choose to fly in and others may choose to drive and there is ample parking for both airplanes and cars.       

Simulator Scenario Discussion:

You are the pilot of a Cessna 172 on your final leg of a VFR flight from Lincoln, NE (KLNK) to Raton, NM (KRTN). This flight has brought you from the low lands of the Midwest to the edge of the Rocky Mountains.   As youve progressed across the country an unexpected overcast layer has formed beneath you, and with the exception of some mountain peaks in the distance, youve lost visual contact with the ground. Wisely, you decide an instrument approach will now be required to arrive at your destination airport. 

Upon contacting Albuquerque Center and receiving a pop-up IFR Clearance into KRTN, you are instructed to climb to 12,000 ft/MSL and intercept V263 from the TOBE VOR. This scenario begins with your aircraft flying southwest along V263 at the WATGU intersection. 

All navigational aids and equipment are functioning properly and there are no GPS outages are expected.


          KRTN 091653Z AUTO 02015KT 2SM OVC009 10/8 A2992 RMK AO2

Over the previous 15 minutes of checking the ASOS, the surface winds have shifted from W to NE and the ceiling has lowered by 200 ft. Clearly, the environment is unstable and appears to be deteriorating.

This is not a competition! It is an exercise to provide common ground for discussion with other pilots.

In the time remaining, we will review the Wings Program and discuss how to make it work for you.    Until then, stay safe and we hope to see you at the meeting. 
McGregor Executive Airport (KPWG)
27474 US-84
Waco, TX  76657
KPWG - Mc Gregor Executive
Dick Campbell

Continental Aerospace Technologies

Our Gold Standard engines represent the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence, quality, service and style

Mobile, AL


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