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FALL-ow ME and NE STOL Finals
We are planning on having our TENTH fly in 2021.  Hopefully, things will be a little different from 2020 and we will be back to normal.  If not...

BBQ- Lunch available from about 11am-3PM.  J Dunbar from NYC will be back smoking some chicken and pork. The Waterville Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol will be running the grill

Northeast STOL Competition-From 1pm to about 430pm  This is the FINALS for the northeast series.

Hayride- Yup. Fresh air is good for you.  

Airplanes-We have 6 based here that will be here and hopefully more will fly in.

Raffle- We have an online raffle  Purchase tickets online using credit card, or send us a check.  Details will be posted as we get closer.  

Antique Car Rides- Hope to have the Ford Model T and a Model A (From Mid Maine Metal) providing rides.  Step back in time

Photos- Amanda Faith Photography will be on site so contact her to schedule family photos. We should have all kinds of greet backdrops

Assumption of Liability.  If you set foot on the property, you assume all liability for yourself and those attending with you  This is an active airstrip  Airplanes have the right of way at all times   Social distancing is cool, hugs are cooler. 

Social Distancing-Hopefully that will be so 2020....but....If you dont want to be around people, you have two options. 1. Dont come or 2. you can set your chair anywhere you want on the field and watch airplanes.  We have 140 acres here for you to get your social distancing on. Most importantly, we are not responsible for your safety, you are. If you arent comfortable with something, see option 1 or 2 above. We highly recommend you bring your own chairs/blanket/table so you can establish your own safe space. 

Overnight camping is welcome all weekend long and drive-ins are welcome  

Check in for updates and post your questions

This is NOT a &quotpublic&quot event. It is open to all pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and past guests.  If you want an &quotinvitation&quot, please send us a private message and I am sure you will be invited.

For those that have not been to the field, here is the field brief

Video from 2016 year:
Thompson Memorial Field (ME62)
West Pittsfield, ME  
ME62 - Grignons Pvt Lndg Area (Private)
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